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8 Amazing Aromatherapy Essential Oils with Everyday Uses

Centuries after the ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy, the practice is still being used. Whether you burn a candle, warm a few drops of oil, or massage the oils onto your skin, aromatherapy promotes physical and mental well-being.  With so many essential oils out there to choose from, finding the perfect aroma may be daunting; but …

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5 Surprising Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil in Aromatherapy

Tea tree oil has long been lauded for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, but did you know that this powerful essential oil also has a host of surprising benefits when used in aromatherapy? From improving mental clarity and reducing stress to boosting immunity and promoting respiratory health, tea tree oil is a versatile and potent …

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Essential Oils to Relieve Common Problems

There are many types of essential oils available at your local health food store, but what exactly can you do with them? If you’re unfamiliar with their versatile uses, the Canadian Health Food Association recommends trying these essential oils to help with three common problems. Chamomile oil to relieve tight muscles and tension. We’re all …

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