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Cheap Summer Activities: Hiking

With school either over or almost over at the end of the month, many parents and children are gearing up for some holidays and a few short trips. There are tons of amusement parks, zoos, and venues to go to and they will all mean a lot of cash just to get through the front …

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Storing Breastmilk

If you breastfeed your baby, chances are there will come a time when you need to store breast milk. This can be when you return to work or even if you are only planning a few hours out. Storing breastmilk can be one of the most confusing things for new mother’s and it is good …

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Teaching Family Values Conclusion

Welcome to the final post that I will be making on the topic of morals and family values. I’m sure you are more than ready to move onto a new topic and tomorrow I will have a great recipe for you to use at home. But back to our topic on teaching morals and family …

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Family Values, Part Two

If you remember, yesterday I talked about things that we are teaching our children without even realizing it. I guess I should say that I was actually ranting but you’ll forgive me my flaws. I am after all human and as both a human and a parent I am allowed my foibles. Actually, parents are …

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