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How to Grow Zucchini Vertically

Growing zucchini vertically is an excellent way to save space in your garden while also making it easier to manage pests and diseases. This method allows you to maximize your garden area by using vertical space, which is particularly helpful for those with limited space or urban gardeners. In this guide, we will discuss how …

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8 Garden Veggies You Can Easily Grow at Home for a Nutritious and Delicious Harvest

As a passionate gardener, I have discovered that growing your own vegetables at home not only provides a fresh and healthy food source but is also a rewarding and enjoyable hobby. Whether you have a small balcony, a backyard, or even just a windowsill, there are plenty of garden veggies that you can grow at …

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Sheet Pan Alaska Halibut with Zucchini, Mushrooms and Tomato

Light, tasty and healthy, Halibut is perfect for any summer meal. It only takes a few minutes to cook and packs protein, B vitamins and minerals like potassium and selenium. Plus, fish is a staple of several dietary patterns also linked to lower cancer risk, such as the Mediterranean diet. This one-pan recipe features Alaska …

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Zucchini and Onion Frittata

Protein-rich eggs and fresh, seasonal vegetables are the secret to this healthy frittata. Well-known in the Mediterranean diet, the frittata can be enriched with any seasonal vegetables and cheeses to create your own personal recipe. This one features fresh summer squash, a good source of vitamin C along with some fiber and potassium. Zucchini and …

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Recipe: Grilled Zucchini Rolls

One of the highlights of the summer season is the incredible bounty of fresh produce – and grilling these vegetables gives them a smoky, delicious dimension. Chef BBQ Naz, a grilling expert from Broil King, shares some simple tips for flavour perfection: • When preparing vegetables, slice them to expose as much of the vegetable to …

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