DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun (Part Two)

With October 31 rapidly approaching, the internal struggle of picking a Halloween costume may become increasingly difficult. If you’ve found yourself scrambling for that last-minute idea then this DIY will be perfect for you. The “Autumn Faun” is a simple, affordable, makeup-driven outfit that can be thrown together in a matter of hours. The main components of this look are makeup, headwear, and clothing.

In the Autumn Faun Pt.1 tutorial, we explained how to make a floral headband decorated with autumn greenery and miniature pumpkins.  If you decide against the head-crown, incorporating small amounts of flowers in your hair, face, and clothing will make the look appear more cohesive.

Clothing should remain more neutral based; choosing airy, floral fabrics in the color scheme of your headband are recommended. However the customization of this look is truly up to you and what is available in your household.

Autumn Faun Headband
Test Out the Makeup

Now that the outfit and headpiece are all figured out, it’s time to pull the look together with makeup! The only products you will need are probably lying around in your makeup bag: bronzer, gold toned eye shadow, foundation, concealer, dark brown eyeshadow, black and white eyeliner and a fall colored lipstick. These products will vary from tutorial to tutorial but are the main necessities to this look. Searching the internet for “Deer Makeup Tutorials” will provide you with plenty of videos that can transform you into a flawless fawn. However, below is the best looking, easy to follow guide to help you cut down on research time.


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