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3 Minute Pumpkin DIY

Pumpkin carving has become a traditional activity used to celebrate the upcoming of Halloween for many years now. The uprising of pumpkin patches in local neighborhoods and grocery stores have made finding a perfectly plump pumpkin an easy task. However, the actual carving part is another story. Cutting through a meaty, bulky pumpkin can be …

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DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun (Part Two)

With October 31 rapidly approaching, the internal struggle of picking a Halloween costume may become increasingly difficult. If you’ve found yourself scrambling for that last-minute idea then this DIY will be perfect for you. The “Autumn Faun” is a simple, affordable, makeup-driven outfit that can be thrown together in a matter of hours. The main …

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DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun (Part One)

Are you looking for a Halloween costume that is unique, inexpensive, and eye-catching? Try being an “Autumn Faun” this year! With only 6 household items, you’ll be able to create a floral head piece worthy of extra candy. The great thing about this project: it takes about 20 minutes to make and is really affordable. Don’t …

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3 Fall Drinks That Beat The Pumpkin Spice Latte

Every year the autumn season is officially inaugurated in with the return of the PSL, or Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s a seasonal beverage we all love to hate and all hate to love. This delicious flavored drink provides its consumers with visions of cozy, October nights. There’s nothing like a warm, pumpkin flavored beverage to …

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3 Halloween Inspired Starbucks Drinks

Happy International Coffee Day! Here are three coffee concoctions to help celebrate the day and usher in the season. Starbucks has some tricks up their sleeves and here is how you can get in on all their treats! Below is a list of Halloween beverages you won’t find on their menu. To unlock the true …

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A Ghost Tour In St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida is wildly popular among tourists around the month of October. It’s the oldest European city in America and has numerous cases of paranormal activity. People from all around flock to this small town in hopes of catching some photographic evidence of the unnatural! The town hosts a variety of ghost tours that …

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A Night In On Halloween

Despite popular beliefs, Halloween doesn’t have to become a holiday for socializing, partying or trick-or-treating. October 31st can be a night of complete relaxation indoors, on a couch with delicious snacks and spooky movies. If you find yourself contemplating leaving the costume in the closet and cuddling up on the couch, do not fret! Here …

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3 Alternative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving

If you are craving a change in tradition rather than just a slice of pie this holiday season then here are 3 great ways to keep Turkey day fun and exciting! Host a cocktail party! Instead of setting the table with plates of food, invite a mixologist into your home. This holiday is always centered …

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5 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

This year, gather around the family table and spread some knowledge about Thanksgiving! If you thought you knew all there was to know about this holiday then prepare to be entertained with these 5 facts! The date of Thanksgiving was once changed. Franklin D. Roosevelt once changed the traditional date of Thanksgiving to help boost …

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Thanksgiving Table Set-Up Ideas

So you’ve spent your whole morning, or even the night before, prepping and cooking a delicious meal for your family. The turkey is displayed on a beautiful tray garnished with microgreens and stuffing. You have side dishes upon side dishes of colorful fruits and vegetables all laid out beside you. It almost feels like the …

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