DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun (Part One)

Are you looking for a Halloween costume that is unique, inexpensive, and eye-catching? Try being an “Autumn Faun” this year! With only 6 household items, you’ll be able to create a floral head piece worthy of extra candy. The great thing about this project: it takes about 20 minutes to make and is really affordable. Don’t believe me? Try it out yourself!


Gather Your Supplies:

  • Wide Headband In a Neutral Color
  • A Bouquet of Flowers Of Your Choice
  • Flat Wooden White Ornaments (Optional)
  • Easily Bendable Metal Wire (Only needed if adding ears)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Craft Scissors
Attach the Ears

Step 1: Attaching The Ears

This is a fairly easy process that can make or break your headpiece. When attaching your ears, make sure to align them parallel to each other. Take your time while doing this! You do not want one ear to be crooked or farther apart from the other.

Helpful Tip: Put the headband on and mark using a sharpie where you want to place the ears.

Once you’ve marked the area you want your ears to go, string some wire through the ornament’s hole and twist the wire ends together to make a knot. Leave some room at the ends so you can string it onto the headband.

Then take the ends of the wire and wrap it around the headband to securely put it in place. The ears may wiggle a little bit afterwards but it should become sturdier after applying the flowers. To secure it even further, go ahead and adhere it to the headband using some hot glue.

Autumn Leaves and Flowers

Step 2: Breaking Down Your Flowers

Set the headband aside. Grab the bouquet of flowers you picked out for this project. Using scissors, remove the flowers from their stems. Place in a pile!

Helpful Tip: While shopping for flowers, keep in mind the material used. Flowers with really thick stems will require some more materials, like wire cutters and will be harder to break apart. Also- thin materials such as silk, will not be ideal for this project. The hot glue may burn through the fabric and ruin your flowers.

The Base Coat

Step 3: Applying Your Base Coat

Now, take a neutral color that you have a lot of (i.e leaves) and use it as a base coat for your headband. Hot glue every leaf until the front of the headband is covered. Make sure to cover the tips of the headband as well.

Headband Arrangement

Step 4: Putting It All Together

This is where the fun begins! Take your flowers, leaves, figurines and arrange them however you please. For my headband, I decided to make an arrangement that looked like a pile of freshly raked leaves. To do so I stacked my leaves onto each other and left the tips unglued. If you like a headband with less body, then hot glue the tips as you go. Make sure to cover each piece with a generous amount of adhesive. Overlap each piece as you go to make it appear more seamless.

Helpful Tip: Using decorative figures will add extra details that will surely catch anyone’s attention. Place these carefully throughout your piece. Don’t forget to place some in between leaves and on the seams on the ears.

Your Faun Headpiece

Step 5: Wearing Your Headpiece!

If you’ve made it this far then your floral crown should be almost ready to wear! Before placing it on your head, carefully remove any strands of glue still attached for a cleaner finish.

To wear this crown, just place it on your head in a comfortable spot! Admire the autumn season right in front of the mirror with this colorful piece. Be careful when handling this item! You don’t want any of those precious flowers, leaves or figures falling off.

Helpful Hint: This floral crown can also double as an “Autumn Themed Mickey Mouse Headband” for when you are at the Disney Theme Parks.

If you’d like to make this into a full costume, please check back for an “Autumn Faun” makeup tutorial coming soon!


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