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Creamy Cheddar & Broccoli Potato Soup

This is one of my favorite winter dishes, it’s a creamy potato soup that uses mashed potato mix (or homemade if you have the time) to thicken it, which gives it a very hearty potato flavor. I usually make this recipe to serve three, and always have leftovers for days! This time, I made this …

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Recipe: Garlicky Potato and Kolbassa Skillet

Kolbassa pieces are the main ingredient in this simple, skillet dinner that is sure to become a family favorite. Garlicky Potato and Kolbassa Skillet Ingredients 15 ml (1 tbsp.) olive oil 1 small onion, diced 3 garlic cloves, minced 2 large Yukon potatoes, diced into 1 cm (½ in.) pieces 1 pkg. 375g Piller’s Kolbassa …

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Hearty Potato Soup

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, shop and even the way we eat. More than ever, we are looking for easy and affordable recipes to cook from home. Make sure every dollar goes as far as possible by shopping at a discount retailer, like Giant Tiger. Not only do they have a …

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The Spicy & Enticing World of Mexican Cuisine!

Mexican cuisine, known for its bold tastes and attractive colors, is a regional cuisine with both modern and ancient traditions. While many world cultures lacked ingredients commonly used today due to the unknown New World, Mexican cuisine has a rich tradition when it comes to using modern food staples such as corn and tomatoes. Since …

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