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Fresh Corn Pancakes with Lime Drizzle

A Something Different RecipeDeveloped by Dana JacobiStart your morning off right with these light and easy pancakes. Fresh corn is in abundance during the summer and adds a subtle sweetness. Combining whole wheat and all-purpose flour is a fun cooking hack that enhances the nutrition without changing the flavor and texture. Drizzle on our lime and honey …

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Crab, Corn and Mozzarella Toasts

Make this crab and mozzarella appetizer your “toast” to summer This simple and stylish canapé brings together the sweet flavours of crab and corn with sumptuous stretch mozzarella. Serve these toasts family-style at your next summer get-together to impress your guests. Crab, Corn and Mozzarella Toasts Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Makes …

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Corn Korokkes (Japanese Style Corn Croquettes)

Corn Korokkes (Japanese Style Corn Croquettes) Ingredients: low-fat margarine flour non-fat milk 1 (11 oz) canned whole kernel sweet corn eggs Japanese bread crumbs (panko) korokke sauce Japanese mayonnaise thinly sliced cabbage olive oil Kosher salt freshly ground pepper Prep Time: 40-50 min Cooking Time: 15 min Instructions: Place 3 large unpeeled potatoes in cold …

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