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Creating a Bee-Friendly Oasis: The Best Garden Flowers for a Thriving Bee Population

Welcome to the world of bee-friendly gardening! If you’re passionate about the environment and want to make a positive impact, creating a bee-friendly oasis in your garden is the perfect place to start. Bees play a crucial role in pollinating plants, helping to sustain our food supply and support biodiversity. By choosing the right garden …

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Free Coloring Page: Happy Bees

Get ready to buzz with excitement because World Bee Day is here and we have the perfect way to celebrate! Enjoy this happy bees coloring page, specially designed to honor these incredible pollinators that play a vital role in our ecosystem. This bees coloring page is not only fun and engaging but also a fantastic …

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Math Worksheet: Bee Addition

This cute math worksheet is a fun way to practice addition with the kids, and also to celebrate World Bee Day! May 20th is a day to remember that bees are under threat from humans and that bees play an important role in our world! Click on the image below to save this free printable …

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If the Honeybee Disappears from the Earth, How Would This Affect Us?

Just how crucial are honeybees to our food supply? According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), honeybees pollinate nearly 80% of the flowering crops in our country which is about 1/3 of everything Americans eat. Losing these under-appreciated workers would not just affect our dietary staples such as nuts, asparagus, cucumbers, broccoli, apples, …

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Maze Game: Help the Bees Get to the Flowers

Help the bees get to the flowers in this maze game! This maze game is a fun way to raise bee awareness for your children. May 20th is World Bee Day, a time to remember that bees are under threat from humans and that bees play an important role in our world! Click on the …

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World Bee Day: Be Mindful of Bees

World Bee Day was created as a reminder that bees and other pollinators are constantly under threat from humans. Here are some ways we can be more mindful of bees. Do you know we rely on Honey Bees for a third of our food supply? Among that are some of the foods we love most: vegetables, …

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