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Banh Mi Pork Burgers

Inspired by authentic Vietnamese street food, this burger recipe is sure to get you grilling. Topped with white radish, cucumber, a traditional filling of pickled carrot, sriracha mayo and a few leaves of cilantro, this burger delivers a satisfying crunch. “These pork burgers will make grilling and summer hosting a breeze – topped with exceptional …

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Recipe: Vegan Banh Mi Sandwiches

Reinvent family-favourite meals with local products With a growing desire to shop local, there is an easy and convenient way to switch up your grocery list with products that are prepared in Canada. With more brands made locally than you may think, it’s easy to shop local from the comfort of your nearest grocery store. …

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Banh Mi Breakfast Bialy

Banh Mi is a culinary fusion of Vietnamese and French flavours. “The popular Vietnamese sandwich is infinitely variable, but always features a profusion of colours and textures, usually includes some form of pork, and often includes a tangy vegetable pickle,” says Tom Filippou, executive chef for President’s Choice. “Dense and chewy bialy buns support all …

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