The Scarecrows of Halloweentown!

Clown Scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

One of my favorite things about living in Halloweentown (AKA St. Helens, OR) are the scarecrows you will see around town.  The month long celebration of Halloween stemmed from the movie Halloweentown, which was filmed in the sleepy town of St. Helens, Oregon.

Scary witch scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

Each year, starting on October 1st, the town comes alive with all different kinds of scarecrows.  Some are silly, some are funny and some are a touch scary!  It helps build the spirit of Hallowentown and adds to the month long festivities.

Pumpkin Scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

There is a voting period and at the end winners are announced for prizes!

Corpse bride scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

St. Helens is only 25 miles north of Portland, Oregon so it is an easy destination for a weekend trip to explore and have some fun!

Owl scarecrow outside Houlton Bakery, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

The town also offers may other festivities: such as Halloween cake decorating contests, face painting, haunted hay rides, a haunted house, bloody mary brunches, tarot card readings and much more!

Bertucci’s scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

In addition to the scarecrows that are spread around town, there is also a display of the Great Pumpkin in the town square!  You will find all kinds of cute displays there and activities to do.  It’s a great place for the whole family to celebrate Halloween!

Bunny scarecrow, Halloweentown, St. Helens, OR

If you’re a true, die hard Halloween fan, I’d say start planning your trip to St. Helens, OR to experience the real, live Halloweentown!

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