Make a Pumpkin Seed Garden Graveyard

by Andrei Metelev

Inspire the kids to do some fall indoor gardening with these pumpkin seed graveyards!

They’re fun and simple to make, and when Halloween is over, top them with another layer of soil and water them to see if you can start some indoor pumpkins.


  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Markers
  • Planter or cup filled with soil
Andrei Metelev


  • Fill the planter with soil
  • Rinse a handful of pumpkin seeds and set aside to dry overnight
  • Draw faces on each pumpkin seed and wait until the marker ink dries
  • Place the seeds into the soil so that the faces are visible to make a pumpkin graveyard

Add some extra spooky decorations to make a pumpkin seed fairy graveyard garden!

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