Aquarium Life: My Apple Snail Laying Eggs!

The first thing I added to my aquarium, after adding plants, was two apple snails – one blue and one golden. They are attached to each other all the time, and since I got them, the golden snail has doubled in size!

The golden one has laid eggs twice in the past two weeks, but I would find the eggs in the morning after she had laid them at night in the dark.

Well this weekend I woke up, went to my aquarium and turned the light on like I do first thing every morning, and found my golden apple snail laying her eggs! I was lucky enough to get a little video of it.  I then closed the lid and left the room for a few hours to let her finish in peace.

After she had finished, she stayed in the same spot for a few hours, and then she was back to her usual self crawling around the water after that. I was a little worried about her being above water for so long at first, but didn’t want to move her in case she just needed to rest.

Here’s the video I got:

As for the eggs, I’m going to leave them where they are on the side of the tank to see if they hatch.  They like warm, humid areas, so the inside of the tank wall where they were laid should be ideal.

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