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Free Coloring Page: Hedgehogs

This cute “Hedgehogs” in the flowers coloring page is an adorable way for kids to pass the time. Click on the image below to save this 8.5 x 11 letter (paper) size free printable coloring page. All rights reserved. This is for personal use only, you may not sell or redistribute the coloring page. Please …

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Cheat Sheets: Butterflies

If you have ever spent a few minutes with any child, you will know that they can come up with questions that stump you.  I have seen experts in a field being taken completely aback by the complex question asked by a 5 year old.  I have also seen those same experts sputter and blush …

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The Project, Part One

As the season quickly faded from fall to winter last year, my family had an unexpected visitor.  She came to our window one afternoon and my son was overjoyed to run out with his dad and scoop her up into a clear container.  It was a Praying Mantis, if you are wondering, and since I …

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