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Big Sur Beaches Have Character

What does it mean for a beach to have character? To me, it means the beach has more to offer than just a long stretch of white sand. It has interesting things to see and do, like driftwood that may have traveled from across the sea, tide pools teeming with squiggly life, granite outcrops that …

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7 Best Whale Watching Spots in NorCal

Is there anything more exciting than seeing a pod of 50 foot, 30 ton Gray Whales spy-hop, or roll their backs along the surface of the Pacific Ocean to take a breath of air? Especially when they’re just offshore! Between December and April every year the Pacific Gray Whales participate in their own version of …

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7 Ways to Save the 7 Seas

It’s National Clean Beaches Week, and we have seven ways that you can help protect our beaches and oceans. Beachgoers are heading to the ocean after months of being cooped up due to the health crisis. However, the climate crisis could forever alter future beach treks. It’s more important now than ever before to take …

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