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Get Ready for the Bell: The Ultimate Back to School Movie Marathon Guide

Get ready to go back to school in style with the ultimate back to school movie marathon guide! As summer comes to an end, it’s time to embrace the excitement of a new academic year. And what better way to get in the back-to-school spirit than with a selection of the best school-themed movies? Whether …

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Lunch Box Blues

When my first child started school, I became aware that on an almost daily basis his lunchbox was still full at the end of the day. There might be a bite out of the sandwich, maybe a few grapes missing or a few carrots nibbled on but other than that I was basically unloading the …

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Mind over Matters: The Right Mindset to Start School

The First Day Of School. A phrase that must be written like that, because it is such an important milestone for the child – and for the parents too. School is the place where a child may spend more of his waking time than he does in his or her home, not counting sleep. It …

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Recipe: Scarecrow Chicken Sticks

Milk and cookies are snack staples after school, but don’t leave much to the imagination. Incorporating a fun title for kids and a healthy protein option for mom is a sure-fire way to get everyone excited for snack time. These easy-to-prepare chicken sticks will have the kids flipping out over the name and the delicious …

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The Last Days of Summer

Today it was official, we took down the pool so it has to be the last day of summer. Okay, maybe the last day of summer is officially on September 21st and the last day of summer vacation isn’t until Monday but you can definitely feel the days winding down into a new schedule. Already …

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