Recipe: Farm-Made Peach Frozen Yogurt

Farm-Made Peach Frozen Yogurt

Take advantage of this summer’s organic bounty from the local farmers’ market. Try this simple and delicious recipe, courtesy of Deb Vice, an Organic Meadow farmer:

Farm-Made Peach Frozen Yogurt


375 ml (1 ½ cups) Organic Meadow 2% M.F. Plain Greek Yogurt

500 ml (2 cups) organic peaches (frozen)

5 ml (1 tsp.) organic vanilla extract

5 to 10 ml (1-2 tsp) organic cane sugar (optional)


Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend for 30 seconds on low speed. Pour mixture back into yogurt container, or any freezer grade container with a lid. Freeze for 2-3 hours to desired texture. Garnish with a fresh peach slice and share with friends and family. Serves 6.

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