May 12th Birthday Love: Andrei Voznesensky

Andrei Voznesensky

Writer and poet Andrei Voznesensky was born on this day May 12, 1933 in Moscow, Soviet Union. Voznesensky was highly regarded in his lifetime as both a skilled poet and poetry reader, in fact, Robert Lowell once described Voznesensky as “one of the greatest living poets in any language.”

Here is his poem “Russian-American Romance,” translated by Alec Vagapov. It was written in 1981 for the Soviet rock opera Juno and Avos.

Russian-American Romance

In my land and yours they do hit the hay
and sleep the whole night in a similar way.

There’s the golden Moon with a double shine.
It lightens your land and it lightens mine.

At the same low price, that is for free,
there’s the sunrise for you and the sunset for me.

The wind is cool at the break of day,
it’s neither your fault nor mine, anyway.

Behind your lies and behind my lies
there is pain and love for our Motherlands.

I wish in your land and mine some day
we’d put all idiots out of the way.

-Andrei Voznesensky

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