Jan Neruda: From the Streets of Prague to the Hearts of Literature Lovers

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Born on this day July 9, 1834, Jan Neruda, a Czech writer and poet, emerged from the picturesque streets of Prague to find a place in the hearts of literature lovers worldwide. An essential figure in Czech literature, he was a part of the May school, a cultural and political movement that sought to express Czech national identity through literature, arts, and philosophy. His work reflects a deep understanding of human nature and society, as well as a commitment to capturing the everyday realities of life in his beloved city. This commitment is a testament to Neruda’s place within the tradition of literary realism.

Neruda’s works brought the streets of Prague to life, painting vivid pictures of the city’s various characters and their daily routines. His narratives were filled with humor, sarcasm, and irony, which he used as tools to critique society and its conventions. These elements in his writing style contributed significantly to his status as a literary realist. The tales he told were not of grand adventures or epic romances; rather, they were stories of ordinary people living out their ordinary lives. Yet, through Neruda’s exceptional talent for storytelling, these simple tales took on profound meanings.

Jan Neruda’s impact can be felt beyond just the realm of Czech literature. His works have been translated into many languages and continue to charm readers across borders. His evocative descriptions of Prague’s streets have inspired many to visit the city, thereby contributing to its status as a cultural capital. He has also influenced many contemporary writers who continue to draw inspiration from his realistic portrayal of life and his unique narrative style. Thus, Jan Neruda’s influence extends from the streets of Prague to the hearts of literature lovers around the world.

Cosmic Songs (#24)

Thank you, golden stars,
thanks for one of all the gifts,
that I can turn people around

I can at least sometimes
blink of youth in the morning
and a living flash of joy
to enchant shapes in Czech.

Coz – which is the mind of the nation
so misguided
fighting as a child,
silent like foam!

Coz – coz je ta lidu meho lic
so pale, dead pale,
who once looked at her,
don’t give him more sleep!

Oh, when you look at that face
just a moment smile skace –
what about that then humorist
to the corner goes and place!

-Jan Neruda

Curated by Jennifer

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