How to Make a Corpse Bride Headpiece for Halloween

Photo by Ramisa

Whenever I think of Halloween movies to watch, Tim Burton movies always make the cut. His style of cinematography just screams Halloween to me. One of my favorites is Corpse Bride. I love the character of Emily and her costume isn’t complete without her veil. So to make this, here’s what you’ll need:

Photo by Ramisa


  • Paper flowers
  • Wire
  • Washi tape
  • Lace or sheer or mesh fabric
  • Hot glue gun
Photo by Ramisa


  • Wrap the wire around your head and take a measurement for the base of the veil.
Photo by Ramisa
  • Remove the wire, still in shape, and cut it to size according to the measurement taken. Twist the ends of the wire around itself.
  • When it forms a circular shape wrap washi or masking tape around the entire thing. This’ll make it easier to stick the lace or fabric later on.
  • Glue your chosen fabric or lace onto the wire by making a loop. I used blue mesh fabric cut up into strips and lightly spray painted with silver color to give it a kind of gothic look.
Photo by Ramisa
  • Feel free to use different types of fabric as well as different lengths
Photo by Ramisa
  • When you’re happy with the arrangement of the veil fabric, start putting on the paper flowers one by one.
Photo by Ramisa
  • The paper flowers I used had stem-like string attached to them so it was super easy to attach them, but if yours doesn’t have any strings just glue them onto the wire.
Photo by Ramisa
  • Don’t arrange the flowers too regularly; you want that risen-from-the-dead look after all. Make some flowers stick out above the rest for that extra effect.
Photo by Ramisa
Photo by Ramisa
  • For the flowers I used pink paper flowers randomly spray painted black on parts.

And that’s it!

Wear it and flaunt your deadliness with pride this Halloween. If you’re planning on having a full corpse bride costume, there are plenty of makeup tutorials online for the face.

Add a long white gown with a few torn up bits and bobs, and you’re all set for this look.

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