Make a Spiderweb Phone Case

Photo by Ramisa

I don’t know if this is something that happens with me but I feel like phone cases are now a big part of any look. And like any other accessories, it changes with occasion. However, they can get expensive and I just cannot justify buying a phone case that expensive for something that comes once a year.

Photo by Ramisa

Here’s how to make a spiderweb phone case.


  • A simple phone case (preferably a dark one)
  • White or silver marker
  • Super glue
  • Fake plastic spider.
Photo by Ramisa


  • Using the white marker draw a large asterick (*) starting on one of the sides. Don’t worry too much about making them equally spaced or of equal length since that’s not the look we’re going for.
Photo by Ramisa
  • After you’ve made the asterisk(*), draw small curves staring from one line and ending at another. This might sound unclear but hopefully the picture clears up the confusion.
  • Repeat this ‘curves’ at each level. If you’ve done it properly it should look like a spider web.
  • Now arrange where you want the spider to be and stick it on with super glue.
Photo by Ramisa
  • This is completely optional but you could draw thin lines on the legs and high points of the spider’s body using the silver marker. This’ll make it stand out from the dark case more.
Photo by Ramisa

Go ahead and show off your phone case around and if anyone asks where you bought it from, that’s how you know you’ve done a good job.

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