A Delicious Lunch at Something’s Fishy!

Last week my husand and I met my in-laws at Something’s Fishy in Woodland Hills for lunch.  Something’s Fishy has an extensive list of rolls and some of them are even half price!  The four of us shared the all following dishes and left presently stuffed.

First, we ordered the Albacore Sashimi.  The fish was fresh and served with ponzu for dipping and pickled ginger for palate cleansing.  There is nothing more perfect than a good cut of fish and Something’s Fishy definitly delivers a good cut of fish

Spicy Tuna Roll & Shrimp Tempura and Tuna Roll

Next we ordered my very favorite roll: Spicy Tuna Roll.  Their version was full of chopped tuna – typically I prefer a cut of tuna, but this was divine.  It is also served with thin cucumber sticks.  We also ordered the Shrimp Tempura and Tuna Roll.  This was delicious as well with a nice pop of fried shrimp.

Surf & Turf Roll

We also tried the Surf & Turf roll which was loved by many at the table.  Personally this was my least favorite roll because it just doesn’t seem right to me to have beef on a sushi roll.  However, everyone else at the table thought it was their favorite roll.  Shrimp tempura, asparagus, and rice tucked inside the roll with sauteed beef tenderloin, crispy onions and a sweet sauce on top.

Crispy on the outside and cool on the inside – the Tuna Tempura Roll was a hit as well!

Something’s Fishy made for a very pleasant lunch!  If I lived closer to Woodland Hills I would eat there all the time.  The restaurant is located at 21812 Ventura Blvd Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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