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Surfing 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Different Swells, Breaks, And Surfing Waves

To the casual observer, each wave in the ocean appears identical to the one that preceded it. One after another, they roll toward the shore, with little to distinguish them. Surfers know better. They’re more in tune with the sea and recognise that numerous factors play a role. The presence or absence of any one …

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Dion Agius and Brendon Gibbens Find the Art of Surfing in “Surf Libre”

As people everywhere become more attuned to home life, creative endeavors, and nature, sharing these moments in an effort to send out positive energy, Dion Agius and Brendon Gibbens move past the idea that surfing is only a simple sport, and explore surfing as an art form in “Surf Libre.” It’s a beautiful, meditative look …

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