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Pumpkin Patch 3 Oil Soap Recipe

I love this recipe because it only requires three oils which you can find in the grocery store, making it an easy recipe to satisfy a quick soap making fix! Ingredients: 8 oz. olive oil 8 oz. coconut oil, 76 deg. 9 oz. vegetable shortening like Crisco 9.5 oz. water 3.6 oz. lye 1 oz. Pumpkin Patch …

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Swirly Birds of Paradise Tropical Soap for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a useful and whimsical gift idea for your loved ones – Birds of Paradise tropical scented pure coconut oil soap!  The fragrances in this soap combine sweet and tangy fruity scents with island hibiscus, making for a true tropical getaway. This is another one of my favorite superfatted pure coconut oil soaps – I …

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Lemongrass Jasmine Green Tea Soap

This weekend I’ve combined some of my very favorite fragrances for a fresh, invigorating soap: lemongrass and tea. I’ve chosen Jasmine green tea because of the wonderful scent and I thought it would go well with lemongrass. For this soap recipe, I used organic lemongrass essential oil, not fragrance oil, which is stronger scented and …

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5 Super Cute Spring Craft Ideas

Warmer weather often brings with it a desire to complete a host of projects, both indoors and outdoors.  These adorable spring crafts may be the perfect place to start, and some of them are great family projects for the upcoming Easter weekend! I’ve spent the day putting together new yarn shelves, and this free crochet …

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