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Gluten-Free Crackled Chocolate Cookies

We’ve all heard the complaints: Gluten-free cakes taste like sand – and gluten-free cookies are brittle and bland. This type of diet does sound restrictive but there are plenty of ways to indulge in sweet treats without sacrificing flavor. “This classic fudgy cookie crackles delightfully on top while it bakes,” says Tom Filippou, executive chef for …

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Rosemary, Parmesan and Black Pepper Roasted Peanuts

Flavourful roasted peanuts are perfect for game day snacking Cheering on your favourite team is even better with a winning snack. Roasting peanuts brings out their flavour and you can up the ante by tossing them with fresh rosemary, parmesan and pepper. Rosemary, Parmesan and Black Pepper Roasted Peanuts Prep time: 5 minutes Roasting time: …

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