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Pumpkin Nutmeg Nutrient-Dense Shake

Boost health by indulging in fall flavors The fall harvest provides us with many fresh, local ingredients that are perfect for autumn-themed recipes. From pumpkin spiced lattes to pumpkin soup, pumpkin is one fall food we can’t seem to get enough of. There’s just something about its sweet and hearty flavor that reminds us of …

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Orange Cream Shake Recipe

by Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian Turn to the flavorful combination of oranges, bananas and yogurt to create a far healthier version of an Orange Creamsicle Shake. With just five healthy ingredients, you can create a smooth, rich, fruit-packed smoothie that will be a hit among young and old alike. Citrus fruits are packed with disease-protective antioxidant …

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Mango Melba Shake

This vegan shake uses plant-based products, making it the perfect treat for outdoor entertaining this summer. Inspired by the peach Melba dessert, this shake starts with a coconut base, keeping it dairy-free, while frozen mango is a fitting substitute for the favorite stone fruit. The result is an enticing, pretty peachy hue that complements the …

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