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How to Make Bath Towels Soft Again

Bath towels are an essential part of our daily routine, providing comfort and luxury after a long day or a refreshing shower. Over time, however, it is common for towels to lose their softness due to various factors such as detergent residue, hard water, and frequent usage. Learning how to make bath towels soft again …

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How to Love Your Laundry Room

Have your ever thought about how many hours you spend in your laundry room if you added them up at the end of each week? If you’re like me there are very few days that go by without doing at least one load of laundry. This being the case, it makes perfect sense to decorate …

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Selecting and Caring For Table Linens

Fine linens are typically characterized by beautiful materials, elegant designs, and fine workmanship. They are also smooth and soft and usually made from linen or cotton. There are subtle differences in linen and cotton. Linen comes from the flax plant and has a lighter and crispier feel to it. Linen is also highly absorbent and …

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5 DIY Home Projects for The New Year

This month we found five awesome home projects to get your home in tip top shape for the New Year! Here are our top DIY picks: Laundry Love: create these cute DIY bottles and get a laundry cheat sheet printable from boxwood avenue:  Coast through the New Year: Learn how to make these sweet DIY faux slate …

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