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Christmas Tree Crochet Card Project

Christmas cards are the perfect way to touch the hearts of all those special people on your Christmas card list. The perfect combination Christmas gift and card! Linda 💚 Supplies Yarn- Green #3 lightweight yarn Size E crochet hook Thin Twine Christmas scrapbook paper Card and Envelope Double-sided sticky tabs Piece of Birch Tree Bark …

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Preparing for Advent: Creating an Advent Wreath

Candles and religion have gone hand in hand for centuries.  Even after the invention of light bulb, churches around the world still light candles for the services.  Candles have for centuries been used to mark special occasions and Advent is no different. In fact, Advent is so connected with candles that the Advent wreath has …

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Christmas Crafts: Crafty Santa’s Cookies Plate

“Oh it’s beginning to look like Christmas,” and you are missing a very essential part to the Christmas holidays; Santa’s Cookie Plate. Yes, I know that Santa isn’t what the holidays are about but every year, thousands of children pile various types of cookies onto a plate before heading up for their restless Christmas Eve …

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