Spring Plants for Indoor Planters

Pink, Blooming Primrose

Spring is a little late arriving this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of spring weather indoors. There are plenty of spring flowering plants that will do well in indoor planters. With a plentiful choice of bulbs and plants available this time of year, here are just a few of my favourites that I think look particularly good indoors in planters.

Freshen the Corners of Your Home with Succulents in Cute, Creative Planters

Succulent & cactus teacup planter | Amalia Zilio

Keeping plants that normally live outdoors indoors is not difficult. Just be mindful of drainage, watering and making sure your plants have plenty of light. The joy of bringing spring plants indoors means you can widen your choice of planter. With the risk of frost still present most outdoor planters are vulnerable, but not so those you use inside. I like to use something a little different such as ceramic vases and urns, or try old china cups and saucers, jugs and bowls.

Blooming Bulbs

Hyacinth sprout | Intherayoflight

Throughout spring you have a great choice of bulbs available. Bringing them indoors means they will flowers much quicker than outside and once the blooms have faded you can put them into the ground to flower again next spring. Hyacinths are a good choice to bring inside. Not only will you get tall spikes of brightly coloured flowers, but you will fill the house with their delicious scent that is synonymous with spring. Narcissus are another favourite to bring inside. The many and varied varieties means you can plant dwarf cultivars in smaller planters or larger varieties in large, more showy indoor planters. As spring progresses tulips take centre stage. These iconic flowers of spring are easy to grow indoors. Again dwarf varieties such as ‘Red Riding-hood’ make a lovely little display on a coffee table, or larger varieties will look stunning in a conservatory (as long as they are shielded from too much direct sunlight).

The Pretty Primrose

Red primrose | anya ivanova

There are fewer plants that symbolise the new life heralded by spring than the primrose. The varieties are endless. Choose from the gorgeously understated wild woodland primrose, to more showy varieties like some of the double flowering ones. Whether you plant a single primrose in an old china cup or make a larger displays in indoor planters using different colour combinations, they cant help but fill your house with cheer as well as a subtle scent of spring. Camellias are the princesses of spring. However their delicate showy blooms are very vulnerable to frost, so bringing these plants indoors into a conservatory or sunroom will not only give you a colourful display but protect these lovely flowers from possible frost damage.

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