Soma & Parley Design Upcycled Ocean Debris Bottle

Image by Soma

Soma, creators of filtered water pitchers and carafes, teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to design a beautiful water bottle made with upcycled ocean debris.  It is currently only available at Starbucks.

Hopefully more upcycled items will be appearing on shelves everywhere, especially after last month’s disturbing report weighing in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch at about three times the size of France!

The sleeve creation process begins with ocean clean-up thanks to the collaborative efforts of Parley, then the debris goes through a cleaning and pelletizing process, and finally the pellets are melted and formed into the sleeve, which itself is the equivalent of approximately two plastic bottles.

The Ocean Plastic™ sleeve is 90% plastic from upcycled debris found on the shores of coastal communities and remote islands.  The 17 ounce glass bottle is durable, lightweight, and BPA-free.  It is topped with a natural bamboo cap.

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