Seattle’s Pike Place Market: A Foodie’s Paradise

Seattle’s Pike Place Market

My husband and I currently live just outside Portland, OR so we’re fortunate enough to be able to make quick drive to Seattle whenever we feel like it. We’ve taken a few weekend trips, my favorite being the one we recently took for my 40th birthday.  We were lucky enough to be sans-child (thanks grandparents!) so we really took the time to explore Pike Place Market .

Flowers galore at Pike Place Market

Before we talk about the food I have to mention the flowers. The rows and rows of glorious flowers. It’s intoxicating and the gorgeous arrangements go on for days.

Pike Place flowers

You can get a huge bundle of flowers for $10.  You seriously can’t beat the prices – even at Trader Joe’s!

Pike Place Chowder

First stop on our foodie adventure was Pike Place Chowder.  The restaurant is quite small with some counter space and a few tables.  I decided I had to try the seafood bisque in a bread bowl. It’s a yummy medley of Pacific Cod, Northwest Salmon, Oregon Bay Shrimp, flavored with fresh basil, and simmered in a creamy tomato-based broth.  I really enjoyed this bisque and found it hits several notes on the palate.

Piroshky, Piroshky

Next stop was to the infamous Piroshky, Piroshky.  This compact Russian bakery located in Pike Place Market serves over 20 varieties of handmade piroshki.  Their piroshkies are made from scratch and formed by hand into both sweet and savory options, such as: chicken, curry & rice, Smoked salmon pate, cherry white chocolate and chocolate cream hazelnut.  The bakery combines “traditional recipes with local flavor.”  Be prepared: there is always a line out the door.

Le Panier bakery

Another stop with amazing baked goods is Le Panier bakery.   This is the place to go for an outstanding cappuccino and decadent flakey croissant.  My favorite is the Brioche framboise – buttery brioche with raspberry preserves and crumble top.  Oh momma it’s so good!

Market Spice

Another favorite spot on this culinary journey is Market Spice.  Jars and jars of spices, both savory and sweet line the shelves.  They also carry a large variety of teas.  I ended up leaving with several kinds of curry powders, gumbo spice and a big bag of vanilla sugar.

Oysters at The Pink Door

We ended our day dining at the Italian restaurant The Pink Door.  We started our evening with the sweetest, freshest oysters I’ve ever had.  All I know is they were a local variety and I could have had a dozen more.

The Pink Door scallop dish

I thoroughly enjoyed my scallop dish with polenta cake at The Pink Door as well. I was hesitant because it was made with a carrot purée but it was quite lovely and didn’t overpower the dish at all!

Magic Shop at Pike Place Market

This is just a tiny tip of what the market has to offer. Within the nine-acre market you’ll discover dozens of farmers, an impressive crafts market, and more than 200 unique owner-operated shops.

Mee Sum Pastry

There are more than 80 restaurants to tempt your taste buds, from take-out counters specializing in donuts to fine dining establishments.  I loved the pork buns at Mee Sum Pastry! Bring your appetite, comfy walking shoes and enjoy exploring Pike Place Market!

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