New Year Crochet Project: Temperature Blanket

At the beginning of last year, I posted how to make a colorful temperature blanket. This is a fun way to commemorate the year and blend all of these wonderful colors into one project. Here is a picture of the beginning of this year’s temperature blanket, on top of last year’s temperature blanket, which I am unraveling to make anew.

There are several reasons that I am unraveling last year’s, not the least of which is, well, 2020. However, this gives you an idea of how this color combination looks together. This is a view of the cooler months, and personally, I think the colors are very pretty.

One reason that I love starting the year with a blanket project is that it’s a fun and doable project for me. Crocheting is an activity that I can do while watching TV or listening to the news, it’s meditative, and it makes me feel more productive while doing those things. It is something I do at night, while reflecting on the passed day. Also, I love completing lovely physical projects. Having a handmade object at the end gives me a real sense of joy.

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