2020 Project: Snow, Rain, or Shine Temperature Blanket

A Rainbow of Yarn

I like having a New Year project, changing up something and setting a goal, even if it’s a small one. So this year I’m going to have a go at crocheting a temperature blanket, where you crochet one row a day, and the color of yarn corresponds to your local temperature. One thing that I’m going to do different with mine is to add some precipitation, because… ‘well I love a rainy night,” as well as a good snowfall. So I’m going to do white for snow days, if we ever get snow here in Oklahoma again, and gray for rainy days.

Somehow I missed this trend when it was popular years ago, and now my daughter has enlightened me on the concept of the temperature blanket, and honestly, I’m pretty excited about it! And I was also pretty excited about purchasing my rainbow of yarn.

Yarn is beautiful.

As for the pattern, I will do a half double crochet in the back stitch of each row for the entire blanket. I made a pair of mittens with a single crochet in the back stitch of each row once and they came out with a wonderful texture. I am going to start with the following color chart, using Loops & Threads® Impeccable™ Yarn.

This will mostly work for the vast array of temperatures we get in Oklahoma, but for milder climates, feel free to decrease the ranges as needed.

Temperature Blanket Color Chart

>99° F / 37° C (Rich Orchid)

90-99° F / 32-37° C (Arbor Rose)

80-89° F / 27-31° C (Pumpkin)

70-79° F / 21-26° C (Butterscotch)

60-69° F / 16-20° C (Soft Fern)

50-59° F / 10-15° C (Fern)

40-49° F / 4-9° C (Clear Blue)

33-39° F / 1-3° C (Royal)

25-32° F / -4-0° C (Lavender)

<25° F / <-4° C (Petunia)


Rain (Pale Gray)

Snow (White)

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