Mother’s Day Craft: Whimsical Bath Salt Bottles

You have probably seen these at countless children’s festivals or even in stores.  Those nice jars filled with colored sand to create a little 3D art piece.  There are actually two ways to make these; you can layer the colors vertically or horizontally, as a work of art that can be used for a relaxing bath.

What you will need:

  • 3  cups of Epsom salt (you can pick this up at any drug store)
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • An essential oil in a desired scent like jasmine or lemon (you can use several and make your own scent but if you aren’t sure how oils blend, I would suggest only using one type.)
  • Food Coloring (3 of your desired colors)


  1. Combine the Epsom salt and the baking powder and stir.
  2. Add in the essential oils until you get the desired scent.  Usually 4 or 5 drops.
  3. Separate into 3 bowls and add 1 food coloring to each bowl.
  4. Mix until the mixture is not clumpy and is a soft powder instead.
  5. Take a nice jar (which can be purchased at a craft store or dollar store) and pour the bath salts into the bottle in a design.
  6. Take a knife and slide it down the side of the bottle so the layers of bath salt blends in with the other ones in the occasional spot.
  7. Wrap and give to mom.

On a side note, it is important to pour in enough salt so that it is within a mm of the top of the jar.  If there is too much space in the top of the jar, the bath salts will blend together and the beautiful effect will be ruined.

-Sirena Van Schaik

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