How to Make Simple Autumn Leaf Window Decorations

Love Fall

Utilize those beautiful leaves in the yard!

How to Make Simple Autumn Leaf Window Decorations

Step 1: Gather up the most beautiful leaves that you can find.  This can even be made as a game for kids: assign them the task of going hunting to find their favorite leaves in the yard.

Step 2: Use a stamp cutter to cut out letters from the leaves, or carefully cut a letter or shape out of the center of each leaf so that you can spell out something festive, like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Fall Love.”

Note: You may need to use a knife to cut the centers of the leaves if scissors don’t work with the texture, so adult supervision is necessary when making this craft with kids.

Step 3:  Simply attach to a window with an adhesive that will be easy to remove later on, like double-sided tape.

And viola!  You have simple, yet naturally beautiful window decorations for fall.

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