How to Make DIY Essential Oil Room Spray to Enhance Your Mood

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After a long day we all need to relax and unwind. Instead of a sitting down with a glass of wine, do something better for your body and mind; use aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to benefit you both physically and mentally. These essential oils are distilled from various plant materials including flowers, berries, bark, fruit or leaves. Essential oils can come to you in many forms and will improve your mood, enhance your well-being and generally make you feel better.

To put these wondrous fragrances into your home, you can use different means. Mix essential oils together with distilled water and alcohol and you have a natural homemade room spray.  Here is a recipe:

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray Recipe


  • 6 parts distilled water
  • 2 parts alcohol like plain vodka or rum
  • 1 part essential oils (mix as you like – see below for ideas)


Add all ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well. Then spritz any room for a natural fragrance boost!

Not only can they improve your mood, but also they can get rid of unwanted smells, such as animal, cooking or tobacco odors, at the same time. You can use these sprays to enhance your energy, uplift your spirits, relax or help the romantic mood of you and your partner.  Don’t forget that by using these sprays instead of room deodorizing aerosols, you are also doing something positive for the environment.

Another way to enjoy mood-enhancing fragrances would be with candles. They will fill the air with wonderful scents and you will quickly notice a change in your mood as well as the room enhancement that candles bring to any scene.

Rejuvenating Scents

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If you are looking for a scent that will calm and rejuvenate you, you’ll want to use either alone or in combination, sandalwoodlavender, or sage.  These have properties in them that relieve anxiety, stress and even insomnia. Studies have shown that the reason these fragrant essentials oils work is that they stimulate a chemical that the body produces naturally, serotonin, which in itself relieves stress and helps you sleep. Other chemicals produced by the body that are stimulated by aromatherapy include enkephalin, which reduces pain, and endorphins that also reduce pain but as well heighten sexual feelings. Because the body’s system of smell is so closely connected to the limbic system of the brain the smell is conveyed immediately and so the feeling of contentment takes over quickly.

If you then put these essentials oils together with a therapeutic massage than you will again increase that feeling of well-being. Aromatherapy massage uses those fragrant essential oils to combine the best of both elements. While you lie there and enjoy the therapeutic massage the oils are absorbed into the skin or through the nose. While the increase in blood circulation also increases the speed at which the aromatherapy oils are absorbed.

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Invigorating Scents

Maybe you simply want to feel better, the day wasn’t the best and you need a pick me up. Forget the caffeine. Citrus is your answer. Look for candles or sprays of essential oils that are lemonlimeorange or grapefruit.

Relaxing Scents

If you just feel like relaxing, lavender is what you’re looking for. Studies have proven that lavender slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It can also lessen muscle tension. Other scents that have a similar effect include bergamot and sandalwood.

Cleansing and Motivating Scents

Maybe you’re having a get together and want your home to have a clean, fresh feeling. Use citrusmint or pine.  These will also help make you feel more motivated.

Romantic Scents

Or you may want to prepare the atmosphere for a romantic night.  Jasminegardenia, and sandalwood would be ideal as they make flowery, woody scents to set the mood.

Seasonal Scents

Aromatherapy can also help you affect a holiday mood. Those smells that remind you of the wonderful times when you were a child can now be remembered or enjoyed with you own children.  Autumn is the perfect time for pumpkin scents prompting memories of Halloween and dressing up.  While in the winter you may want to try the smells of pine or fresh baking like cinnamon or apple.  Summer time memories are often tied up in floral smells or citrus. Any of these wonderful sensations can be brought to you through aromatherapy. Its important to be happy and your mood can always use a little brightening up with the wonderful scents of aromatherapy.

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