How to Make Cute Felt Pillow Monsters for Halloween

Pillow Monsters

These pillow monsters are fun to make, and they are a great way to let you and your child’s creativity flow, because you can make them any way you like.

If you’re wondering where to start, follow the design in the picture for your first pillow monster, and then, once you’re more comfortable with working with felt, let your imagination run wild!

Felt crafts are one of my favorites, because they are fairly simple to make and you can really make some adorable plushies with them. Let’s get started with the basic you will need to make Halloween pillow monsters.

Pillow Monster & Supplies

Pillow Monsters

What You Need

  • Light blue, red, yellow, white, and black sheets of felt. Grab some other colors to make some more pillow monsters afterwards! The sheets are typically around $1 each at most craft stores. Make sure to get at least two of the light blue, and any other colors that will be the bulk of your pillows
  • Light blue, red, yellow, and black embroidery thread
  • An embroidery needle
  • Stuffing for plushies
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

How to Make

  1. Trace out the shape of your pillow with a pencil on a light blue felt sheet
  2. Lay a second blue felt sheet under the first one
  3. Carefully cut both sheets along the shape that you traced, trying to make them as close to the same shape as possible
  4. Cut out several rectangular strips of yellow for the hair
  5. Cut out a red tongue shape
  6. Cut out three larger white circles of varying shapes for the eyes
  7. Cut out three smaller black circles for the eyes
  8. Lightly draw the face onto one of the blue cutouts
  9. With the black embroidery thread and needle, sew on a mouth with simple stitches
  10. Place the tongue into the spot that you want it on, and sew it on with red embroidery thread
  11. Take the yellow rectangular pieces and sew them into a bundle at the top, then set aside
  12. Glue on the whites of the eyes
  13. Glue the blacks of the eyes on top of the whites
  14. Set aside for glue to dry
  15. Once dry, use the blue embroidery thread to sew the two blue felt pieces together, making sure that your face is on the outside before you start sewing
  16. Sew all the way around until you are almost finished, leaving a little gap open to stuff the pillow
  17. Stuff your pillow to your liking
  18. Finish sewing the blue pieces together and tie off at the end
  19. Sew the yellow bundle to the top of the head so that you cannot see the sewing underneath and the hair hangs over

Now that you know how to make one, the possibilities are endless!

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