Firefly* Tapas Kitchen & Bar – The Best Time I Had in Vegas!

I love tapas and I knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hit up Firefly* while visiting Las Vegas.  I first heard about them because according to Urbanspoon, Las Vegas, Firefly* Tapas is the number one choice of restaurants in the “Higher Priced” category. I would have to say it almost seems like it should be in the “Moderately Priced” category as the prices are great, and the food even better!

Three of us went on a Wednesday night, the place was packed to the rafters, and here are some pictures of what we ordered:

The Stuffed Dates ($4.50) were the favorite tapa of the night!  These amazing little dates come wrapped in bacon, with a red wine reduction and topped with blue cheese.  The bacon was very crisp and the dates had the perfect combination of savory and just a tad sweet.  They were so good in fact, we had to order two rounds of them.

Next tapa we tried was the Tuna Tartare ($8).  This was a classic tuna tartare of marinated ahi tuna, avocado and taro chips.  This was devoured along with the dates and a very lovely and light tapa.

The boys at the table had to have something fried, so the Firefly* Fries ($6) were the perfect choice.  They are served with parmesan cheese, herbs and a garlic aioli.  These fries reminded us the delicious garlic fries you would find at Dodger Stadium, and had a very nice kick to them!

I am obsessed with eating mussels, so of course I could not resist the Steamed Mussels ($8)  with a Thai spin on them.  They are prepared with red curry, white wine, and coconut cream.  The broth was the star of the bowl with the creamy, spicy Thai flavors.  It almost had a tomato bisque-essence to it and I found myself practically licking the bowl.  The cheesy toast on the side was a nice dipping vessel.

Finally, we ended with an order of Lobster “Escargots”, knots of lobster tail baked in garlic butter ($10).  We have to say this was probably the least favorite pick of the night.  Although they were good, it was a very small portion, and if you’re going to do tapas, fine dining seafood is probably not the way to go.

Along with all the delicious food, we had to try a pitcher of mojitos – and they were so good, we had to get a second pitcher.  If mojitos are not your thing I hear they serve a killer pitcher of Sangria as well for those wanting a refreshing adult beverage.

Firefly* Tapas Kitchen & Bar has three Las Vegas locations – we dined at 3900 Paradise Road

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