Crochet Card Project: Oh Baby!!

Oh Baby!! card by Linda

This adorable handmade card is perfect for an expecting mother, new baby, or shower! Add a personal touch with this card combining cardmaking and crochet to make someone smile. ❤️


  • Baby Stickers
  • Baby themed scrapbook paper
  • Yarn, yellow and small amount white #3 lightweight yarn
  • Crochet hook size B
  • Adhesive Photo Sticker Squares
  • Tiny Alphabet Beads “BABY”
  • Button


  1. Tear a piece of background paper to fit your card.
  2. Tear a contrasting piece of paper and adhere to left side of card.
  3. Tear another piece and adhere to right side of step 2.
  4. Cut a tab with white paper and adhere to card.
  5. Glue on beads to read “BABY”
  6. Glue onto card, and glue on a button


  1. With yellow yarn and size B hook, make a magic circle, and single crochet 10 stitches in circle. Do not join, ch 2, turn.
  2. [Half double crochet in 1st stitch, 2 hdc in next.] Repeat around. Ch 2, turn. (15)
  3. [Double crochet in 1st stitch,  2 double crochet in next.]   Repeat around. Ch 1, turn (21)
  4. [Single crochet in 2 stitches, 2 sc in next]. Repeat around (30)
  5. Make a single crochet  in ends of rows, to the left, and then up to join to beginning stitch.
  6. End off, weave in ends.


  1. Magic Circle, make 6 sc in circle. Pull closed.  (6)
  2. Increase in each stitch.  (12)
  3. [Sc 1, increase] Repeat around (18)
  4. End off yellow, join white. Slip stitch around. End off and weave in ends.

Assemble on card. I found a teddy sticker and inserted it “inside” the stroller!!

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