Alice Meynell: Rediscovering the Forgotten Gems of Victorian Poetry

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Alice Meynell, the multifaceted gem of the Victorian era, wore many hats with grace and brilliance. She was not just a poet, but also a writer, editor, critic, and a vocal suffragist. Her contribution to the literary world remains significant even today, although she often resides in the shadows of her more widely known contemporaries. However, as we delve deeper into her writings, we rediscover the forgotten gems of Victorian poetry that Meynell has left behind.

Meynell’s poetry is imbued with poignant beauty and deep sensitivity towards human experiences. Her unique perspective as a woman in the Victorian era was subtly interwoven into her works, giving us an invaluable insight into the social context of her time. As a critic, she was known for her discerning eye and sharp intellect. Her editorial work was marked by a commitment to high standards of literary excellence and integrity.

As a suffragist, Meynell used her words as weapons in the fight for women’s rights. She was one of the pioneers who raised their voice against gender inequality, bravely challenging societal norms and conventions. Her written works reflect her strong belief in women’s empowerment and her relentless pursuit of justice.

Her rich legacy calls for renewed attention and appreciation. Each poem, each piece of prose she wrote is a testament to her talent and her courage. In Meynell we find not just a poet or a writer, but also a woman who dared to dream and fight for what she believed in. The echoes of her voice continue to reverberate through time, reminding us of the power of words and the indomitable spirit of womanhood.


Brief, on a flying night,
From the shaken tower,
A flock of bells take flight,
And go with the hour.

Like birds from the cote to the gales,
Abrupt–O hark!
A fleet of bells set sails,
And go to the dark.

Sudden the cold airs swing.
Alone, aloud,
A verse of bells takes wing
And flies with the cloud.

-Alice Meynell

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