Two Martial Arts Classics Restored and Re-released

Dragon Inn
Dragon Inn

King Hu’s classic movies Dragon Inn, which was originally released in 1967, and his 1971 film A Touch of Zen have been restored in 4K from the original camera negatives.

A Touch of Zen started playing in theaters April 22nd, and Dragon Inn will be re-released in theaters on May 6th.

Hu’s films have been very influential in the world of Asian cinema; Twitch writer James Marsh writes:

“Considered by many to be the architect of wuxia cinema, King Hu was to martial arts was John Ford was to the western. Beginning with his 1966 Shaw Brothers adventure Come Drink With Me, Hu took a pulp genre associated with little more than cheap entertainment and period adventures, and fashioned from it some of the industry’s most revered and enduring cinematic offerings.”

Here’s a trailer for A Touch of Zen:

Here’s the new Dragon Inn trailer:

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