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Honor the Dead with Bon Odori

For many, summer is a time for freewheeling fun, without the typical responsibilities of an academic year or simply maintaining one’s own comfort in the winter. But for the Japanese, summer is a time to reflect on those who have gone before us with gratitude and appreciation. One of Japan’s biggest festivals happens in mid-summer …

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Earth Day Inspiration: The Town with No Waste

In 2018 I posted about the town of Kamikatsu, Japan, that had started a plan in 2000 to have zero waste by 2020. At the time, they had achieved 80% of the goal, and today they are very close to the goal, and serve as an excellent example for the rest of the world. Kamikatsu …

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Earth Day Awareness: The Town with No Waste

Here’s the story of how one group of people are making drastic changes to live waste-free lives. In 2003, the government of Kamikatsu, Japan implemented a rigorous recycling program where the residents were asked to separate their waste into 34 categories, with the goal of being a waste free town.  Now, they are nearly at that …

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