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Crafty Recipes: Super Bubbles

With summer here, kids are going to be outside a bit more than they were during the winter months and that means that parents will need to have a few more outdoor activities for their kids to enjoy. Since everyone loves bubbles, why not have a recipe ready to create gallons upon gallons of bubbles …

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Backyard Wonders

I have found over the years that I have become a person that will leaf through travel brochures and gaze longingly at planes as they pass by overhead. I think to myself, “What wonders will I see if I travel to faraway destinations? What would I experience?” I think everyone has those thoughts, well, except …

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For the Kids: Space Exploration

This last weekend has seen a lot of amazing things space wise. Nasa landed the space bot Phoenix on the surface of mars and you can actually see the first photos from Phoenix of the northern pole of Mars. I have already been on the Nasa site several times with my little guys, especially my 3 year old who …

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