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Artist Spotlight: Chiaki Okada

Today we are celebrating the illustrations of Japanese artist Chiaki Okada. She has illustrated books by different authors around the world, including a book by her husband, Ko Okada, called Rabbit and Freckle (Кролик и Веснушка). Chiaki Okada has a unique talent for capturing the innocent beauty of childhood home life as well as imaginative childhood themes. …

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Fabian Gatermann Illuminates the Metro with “City Light Charts”

At this year’s Frankfurt light festival, Fabian Gatermann illuminated the “Schweizer Platz“ metro station with his “City Light Charts” installation. The advertising spaces in the metro were replaced with Fabian Gatermann’s light works. The pieces were made with special computer algorithms and sequencing, and they were inspired by stock exchange charts, including cryptocurrency and oil charts, and were …

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