Succulents in the Oklahoma Landscape

Succulent | Jennifer Hall

Oklahoma summers are mingled with thunderstorms and scorching dry spells, which can make things daunting for the casual gardener like myself. This is why I decided to try low-maintenance succulents outside this year.

At my local nursery I picked up a few of these adorable succulents to try out in the yard. They are hardy plants that do well in dry weather, which makes them perfect for my slow return to gardening this year. Succulents are known for holding water in arid climates, so when our rains quickly evaporate under the hot summer sun, these plants have water stored.

Mine seem to like the warmth so far, so I’m hoping they’ll make it in the full sun during the hot Oklahoma summer. The worst problem for succulents is rot, so gardeners must keep an eye on the soil and make sure not to over-water their succulents. It is also good to plant them in loose, well-draining soil for this same reason. However, they do like regular drinks; getting the balance right is important! If you’re unsure if you’re giving your succulents too much water, you can give them a few sprays from a water bottle for a watering.

Photo: Jennifer Hall

I only bought and planted a few, four plants in all, so I’m debating on whether or not to just go with these four and see if they will fill out their garden spaces, or if I should buy some more.

They’ve been in the ground for a week now and they’re absolutely lovely, I just love the bright little flowers of the ones pictured above, and the spike in the middle of the one shown below should bloom at some point… hopefully. This one is planted in the middle of my strawberry patch.

Photo: Jennifer Hall

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