‘Human Flow’ Gives a Voice to 65 Million Migrants

Human Flow

Director and producer Ai Weiwei gives us a powerful view of the 65 million migrants escaping climate change, war, and famine in the documentary Human Flow.  The Chinese artist and activist traveled for a year through 23 different countries on his own journey as a migrant to offer a realistic perspective of the refugee crisis, one of the largest issues of our times, and its truly massive scale.

The film is eye-opening, stunning, and immerses us into the journeys of the people it portrays. Viewers can watch it now on Amazon video, and it is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Human Flow

In the film’s press release, Ai Weiwei gives us some personal insight into his journey:

“As an artist, I always believe in humanity and I see this crisis as my crisis. I see those people coming down to the boats as my family. They could be my children, could be my parents, could be my brothers. I don’t see myself as any different from them. We may speak totally different languages and have totally different belief systems but I understand them. Like me, they are also afraid of the cold and don’t like standing in the rain or being hungry. Like me, they need a sense of security.”

Human Flow

National simultaneous screenings will run on April 29th and if you are interested in hosting one, send an email to [email protected]. Schools, museums, churches, and other organizations are welcome to inquire about hosting, and more information can be found here on the documentary’s website.

Here is the trailer for Human Flow.

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