Getting the Most out of Your Candles

Have you ever had a candle that just doesn’t last?  Before you can even get any great use out of it, you have spilt wax down the sides, a broken wick and a black stain across it.  There seems to be nothing that can be done to get it lit again and it can be pretty frustrating since it only seems to occur when you purchase the really expensive candles.

Usually, when a candle begins to break down, it’s probably because you aren’t caring for it properly.  I hear the groans from the back but what your mother has always said to you is true, “If you want something to last, then you really need to take care of it.”

But really, how do you care for your candles?  Don’t you just toss them into a drawer and pull them out for those special occasions.  I would love to say sure, since it is the easiest way but unfortunately, easy isn’t always the best way.  Sure you can throw them in a drawer but don’t expect a very nice candle to be pulled from the drawer for one of those special occasions.

To keep your candles looking great and to get the most out of them, there are a few tips that you should follow.

The Candle Snuffer:  Don’t sniff at this little trinket.  It is a candle lover’s best tool and you can buy one that is fairly inexpensive while still looking expensive.  If you aren’t sure what a candle snuffer is, it is a bell shaped tool on a long handle.  The hollow bell fits over the candle and extinguishes the flame.  It’s simple and candle snuffers have been around for a long time.

But why are they so important in getting the most out of your candles? It’s simple; candle snuffers keep the wicks from being damaged.  Blowing on a candle, or worse, extinguishing them with your wet fingers, can damage the wick.  A damaged wick means more difficulty keeping the flame.

Cool Storage:  If you are a person that only brings out candles for special occasions, there are a few ways that you should store them.

First, make sure you store them individually.  Wrap each candle in a sheet of white tissue paper to avoid the colors to bleed into the candle.  If you are storing scented candles, place them into their own plastic sealable bag.  This will keep the scents fresh and will keep them from blending together.

Next, place them in a cool, dark area.  Make sure the space is not damp since this can also damage them.  Candles should always been stored flat to ensure that they do not bend.  Also, if an area is too warm, the candles will begin to melt and will become misshapen.

Keep those Candles Tidy:  When you are trying to get the most out of your candles, it is best to keep them tidy.  Remove excess wax that has dripped down the sides, or if you are using a jar candle, place the jar inside a sink of hot water to melt the wax on the side of the glass.

Keep the wick nice and tidy and always trim down your wicks to ¼ inch in length before each use.  Make sure you cut the wicks when they are cool since a hot wick could stretch and tear.

Also, never burn your candles for longer than 4 hours.  If you are having a full romantic evening, simply replenish the candles every 4 hours.  This will keep your candles looking beautiful and will keep down the amount of soot that accumulates on the candle itself.

Lastly, try to keep the candles out of direct light.  Prolonged time in light will make the colors fade and your beautiful candle will no longer look bright and new.

Just following these tips should ensure hours and even months of enjoyment with your candles.

-MJ Plaster

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