Crochet Card Project: Birthday Cupcake Card

It’s a snap to personalize this birthday card for him or her.
Simply choose a design and add your own text.
Customize it with photos.
Adding a crocheted cupcake makes it even sweeter! ❤️ Linda

Birthday Card by Linda


  • Blank card – 5 ½x 4 ¼
  • Scrapbook Paper – (I found a reversible sheet with “sprinkles” on one side, and birthday wording on the other. It was perfect!
  • Adhesive tabs
  • Yarn – #3 lightweight yarn in “confetti” for frosting and color for cupcake liner. I used green
  • Size D hook
  • Glue for cupcake
  • Fiberfill – tiny amount for frosting
  • Red button for cherry on top of frosting.
Birthday Card Supplies | Linda

Card Instructions

Cut a piece of the sprinkles sheet to fit on your card.  Cut around a birthday wording to be adhered to your card.

Cupcake Liner

With green, chain 9

  1. Single crochet in 2nd chain from hook, and in each chain across. (8)
  2. In BLO (back loop only) sc across.  Chain 1, turn (8)
  3. – 12.    Work in BLO, and single crochet across, chain 1, turn. End off and weave in ends


With Confetti, make a Magic Ring

  1. 6 single crochet in ring. Tighten to close ring, but do not join. Chain 1, turn (6)
  2. Increase in each stitch. (12)
  3. *Sc 1, increase. Repeat * across. Ch 1, turn. (18)
  4. *Sc 2, increase. Repeat * across. Ch 1, turn. (24)
  5. *Sc 3, increase. Repeat * across. Ch 1, turn. (30)
  6. *Sc 4, increase. Repeat * across. Ch 1, turn. (36)
  7. Turn so you will be working across rows. Sc across. Ch 1, turn (11)
  8. * Sc, half double crochet, double crochet in 1 stitch; double crochet, half double crochet, single crochet in next stitch. Slip stitch in next 2 stitches.  Repeat * 2 more times, ending with 1 slip stitch in last stitch. End off.
Birthday Crochet | Linda


  1. Adhere background paper piece to card.
  2. Adhere “happy birthday” to card.
  3. Glue on cupcake liner. I stretched the top of the liner to make it a tiny bit wider than the bottom.
  4. Glue on frosting.
  5. Glue on button to top for a cherry.

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