30 Day Declutter Your Home Challenge

The New Year is a wonderful time to start fresh by decluttering your home. We are in our homes now more than ever, which makes creating tidy, beautiful living spaces more important than ever. Make your home your sanctuary.

Here is a printable declutter checklist to help you get started; I keep mine on the refrigerator during my declutter month. Do one space each day, clearing everything out and separating items into three piles: keep, recycle, and throw away. Once the space is cleared, clean it, and then add the items you want to keep back into the space.

Tips for Decluttering Success

Set Realistic Goals

If doing this for thirty days consecutively seems unrealistic, then set a more doable goal for yourself, and you can still easily use the checklist to mark things off as you go. Some people have declutter goals that last for months. Consider stretching it out to one area per week if you’re more comfortable with that.


Before you begin your new organizing journey, you can prepare by gathering paper towels and dishcloths for cleaning all of your new living spaces. You will also want to have trash bags and donation bags handy, so that everything you toss goes into one of three piles:

  • recycling/trash
  • donations
  • keep

Here is a checklist to ensure that every area of your home gets spic and span, just click and print!

Here is a text version of the list:

1) Mail & Newspapers
2) Dining Room Table
3) Kitchen Countertops
4) Kitchen Cabinets
5) Pantry
6) Living Room
7) Entryway
8) Coat Closet
9) Linen Closet
10) Storage Closet
11) Paperwork
12) Desk
13) Bathroom Surfaces
14) Medicine Cabinets
15) Cleaning Supplies
16) Craft/Hobby Area
17) Books & Bookshelves
18) Sock/Underwear Drawers
19) Outdoor Spaces
20) Master Bedroom Closets
21) Additional Room Closets
22) Bedroom Surfaces
23) Beneath Beds
24) Laundry Room
25) Den/Entertainment Area
26) Garage Day 1
27) Garage Day 2
28) Auto
29) Clean and Polish
30) Free for All

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