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Gardening 101 – What Are Perennials?

Knowledge is the most crucial thing if you are aiming towards a healthy and thriving garden. Perennial plants are extensively used in gardens for landscaping. Their life cycle and growth pattern makes them a ‘must- have’ for every gardener. However, if you are planning to buy and grow perennials in your garden it is important …

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Best Perennial Plants for Summer Color

Summer is here and it’s time to plant and enjoy the beautiful flowers that blossom during the heat of the season. A perennial plant is one that remains in the ground for two or more years and ultimately gives a garden its character. Most perennials spread readily, filling out gardens and providing a show of …

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Different Types of Perennial Plants for Your Garden

Perennial plants are very diverse and come in endless varieties. They can suit any kind of landscape and garden design if planted well. They can meet your requirements and make the garden lively and vibrant with flowering or non- flowering varieties. It is advisable to plant different kind of perennial plants in garden for a …

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